About Sierra Pumping

For over 30 years, Sierra Pumping Service has helped homeowners and business owners maintain their septic systems. Our technicians are trained and equipped to provide you with high-quality septic advice and services. For both residential and commercial septic services, Sierra Pumping Services has been a trusted name for over 30 years. We’re here to deliver excellent service – every time.
Sierra Pumping Septic Tank SErvice

Why Choose Us for Septic Tank Services?


Since 1985, Sierra Pumping Service has helped homeowners and businesses maintain their septic tank systems. Our technicians can also pump your septic tank and fix any issues related to your tank or system.


Serving many different types of clients over the past three decades has given us a wide range of experience in septic systems, allowing us to deliver excellent service to all of our customers.


Being local means that we’re committed to providing the best experience possible for our neighbors throughout the Central Valley. Our septic technicians are here to help you handle any septic system issues.

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